On Ravelry: “J” is for Joy

My middle younger sister (I have three) recently celebrated the anniversary of her wonderful entrance into this world. Her codename on here is Joy, which happens to start with the same letter her real name does. These pretty and punky monogram gloves were made and designed especially for her. The process was a surprisingly arduous one, mostly because I thought I could knit freestyle, having made many fingerless gloves in my knitting career.

Like Goldilocks, however, I discovered that the first attempt was too large and the second too small, but by applying the principles of gauge and basic mathematics, the third was just right. As it was a frightfully difficult pattern for me to work out, I thought I might as well front-load the difficulty and figure out how to sell a pattern while I’m at it. This pattern, therefore, is actually now for sale, as a test run to see if I can eventually turn my knitting sickness into a financially stable hobby.

Here are John’s beautiful pictures of the finished project…

Notice the cool eyelet “J”? And it’s hard to see here, but there is an eyelet border around the top of the glove, based on the same stitch used for…

…the extremely sexy side gussets. Also note the whimsical Peter Pan-esque bottom trim. Does it make you think happy thoughts?

Continuing the yarn-over fun, the lace gusset runs up and around the thumb gusset for a very hip, modern bit of easy lace work.

What do you think, knitting friends? Did my pitch and pictures persuade you to Buy “J” is for Joy Fingerless Glove Pattern Now! ?

On Scribd: Apnea Oliphant

My mother recently started wearing a mask at night for sleep apnea, which my parents jokingly refer to as her “elephant nose.” I thought it wasn’t quite fair that she should have to endure the embarrassment all on her own, so I threw together an elephantine nose warmer to help my dad empathize with her. Here’s the pattern, for anyone who could use a little chuckle.

Apnea Oliphant (Click to download or print.)


On Scribd: Butterflies on the Lattice

I was going to write you a nice long story about the epic journey I’ve been enmeshed in over the past four days as I designed my first real knitting pattern, but the thing about epic journeys is that they don’t leave you a lot of energy to work with when you get home. My brain feels like it’s been in labor for something like 96 hours…which actually fits rather well with the conversation John and I were having earlier about being a “co-creative” couple instead a “procreative” couple. We’ve decided that we’re better suited for contributing to the memetic pool than the genetic pool, which I may blog more about later.

For the moment, I have only these announcements:

1. I’m on Ravelry now, so look me up if you’re there too.

2. I’m thinking about starting an etymology-of-the-days-I-don’t-otherwise-blog section, so keep an eye out for that and send me words you would like to know the history of.

3. Here’s the pattern I’ve been slaving away at designing and testing this weekend. Leave a comment if you have a question or correction!

Snazzy photo credits go to John, as usual.

Butterflies on the Lattice (Click to download or print.)