Book Review: Groom of the Tyrannosaur Queen

tyrannosaur-queen-coverbMy friend Dan Bensen is giving us all a lovely New Year’s present: he’s releasing his book Groom of the Tyrannosaur Queen! This is a project I had the immense pleasure of reading while he was in his later revision stages awhile back. If you like super-cool future tech, dinosaurs, and philosophical barbarian kings, you’ll definite get your $3.99 out of this book, so you should probably go pre-order it now.

Quick Review:

Overall, I really enjoyed the story. Very cool world-building, interesting characters, fascinating tech and social structures. It’s the rich sort of place that leaves me wondering about the not-quite-told stories, of Andrea’s life in the future, of the time travelers who got lost in the past. And, of course, you can’t lose with riding dinosaurs. Who hasn’t imagined themselves in the T-rex rodeo? Seriously. AWESOME.

Once again: here’s where you pre-order for January 1. Go forth and enjoy.

The Podcast Nerdtacular

Awhile back I had a great conversation with Dan Bensen, a writer friend from way back who is responsible for The Kingdoms of Evil (serialized online) and Groom of the Tyrannosaur Queen (hopefully coming soon to a bookstore near you). He turned our conversation into a two-part episode for his great podcast. The topic: giving and receiving feedback on writing.

Part 1 – In which we cover many topics in a droll and insightful manner (you know…ish), including finding readers, taking it on the chin when someone doing you a massive favor gives you painfully honest feedback, and other topics that will probably be of interested to writers and beta-readers.

Part 2 – In which we discuss the role of turn-taking language in spoken AND written communication, the nature of the grammar nazi, my profound loathing for the idiocy of people who put pancakes on sticks, and the question of whether it is better to be blunt or to be kind when offering an opinion.

It’s possible that we’re mostly entertaining and informative to one another, but Dan is pretty skilled with moving a podcast conversation along and writes an interesting blog to boot, so you should check out his site regardless of whether or not you’re specifically interested in the fine art of constructive criticism.