Christmas, Blood, and a Lamb

Since we got married, John and I have tried to find a new ornament each Christmas we’ve had a tree, something that would have some meaning for us. It’s been a struggle. Most of the ornaments you find in the Christmas shops, or worse, in the Christmas section of department stores, are lacking in soul. My favorite of the lot to date is a glass octopus that reminds me of the nativity octopus costume in Love, Actually, but it’s a strange connection.

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Make Mine a Green Christmas

Forgive my absence, loyal fans. I’ve been participating in National Novel Writing Month and knitting like a lunatic for Christmas: blogging on top of those projects and my two jobs has been that one thing too many to ask of myself. Once we hit January, I have a whole slew of patterns for you, but it will be hit or miss until then.  Not that I’m worried–I assume it’s mostly fiber geeks who are interested in this blog, and I suspect the rest of you are too bogged down in gift-making to be reading this blog anyway.

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Down and Dirty

Or rather, fleece and dirty, because I am so not going down the path of down… yet. Being a teacher (ish), I had Veterans’ Day off, which meant extra time to write my book and wash my newly acquired grease fleece. I won’t tell you about my writing: that’s my other blog. You folks want to know about the wool. I am a fiber n00b, so this “how to” is the result of research, trial, and some damn fine luck.

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Gathering Wool

I’m in the process of moving my knitting and fiber blogging into a blog of it’s own, so starting with this post, everything fiber related will be posted in full at my fiber blog, Variations on a String. Here’s the start of my post about the New England Fiber Festival!

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Abandon hope, all ye who read here. Beyond this sentence lies an account of the first step of a helpless soul into utter madness. Beyond this sentence lies an account of… SHEEP DAY!!!

(This is my Sheep Day face. I’m like a kid on Christmas morning, halfway through the stocking candy.)

“Sheep Day” was actually the Fiber Festival of New England. It’s basically a big geek fest for people who like wool. If you’re a knitter and you’ve never been to a fiber festival (as I had not), all I can say is WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Tickets were cheap ($5.00); the bounty of beautiful yarns, tools, and crafts was deliciously overwhelming; and the camaraderie of fellow wool-lovers is a delight to the heart. And the mind–I talked to dozens of incredibly knowledgeable people. In the course of a few hours of glad-handing and eavesdropping, I learned more about wool than I have in six months of Google searches. I mean, sure, you can find everything on the internet, but people are much better at answering the questions you don’t realize you need to ask.

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