Curious about what I’m working on? Here’s the quick & dirty rundown.

Autumn’s Exile

Autumn’s Exile is the third and final volume (in need of slimming down a bit from 92,000 words) of The Sidhe Diaries, a modern fantasy series for young adults. Ydelia Autumnsworn has been exiled from the realms of the sidhe to live with her human family in a small town in Maine, where she struggles to overcome her guilt, grief, and frustration at her helplessness to stop the impending civil war in the realms of her childhood.

Status: seeking beta readers for early 2017, publication planned for October 2018

The Body Politic

The Body Politic is a near-future science fiction novella of 30,500 words. Ex-lovers Celia Varma and Laura Kappel must work against time, powerful enemies, and so-called “friends” to protect one another and the integrity of the American vote.

Status: alpha edits in progress, seeking representation

The Sentinel

The Sentinel is lengthy work of serialized science fiction. Each episode contains a self-sufficient arc of 15,000 – 25,000 words and adds to the longer planned arc. When Tori White takes her two kids and escapes her abusive husband, becoming a time-and-space traveling superhero is not part of her plan for independence.

Status: alpha edits in progress for episodes 1-6, longer arc planning complete for 10 episodes within the first season and for an end point to an overall series of indefinite length, working towards a sane schedule for self-publication of episodes

The Hero Journey of Lola Avelia Stubbins XII

The Hero Journey of Lola Avelia Stubbins XII is intended to be a science fiction novel of 75,000 – 100,000 words. Lola Avelia Stubbins has no desire to be anything other than good at her job as a xenolinguist and a respected member of her crew, but the discovery of dangerous alien technology forces her to discover whether she can be a hero without destroying her world in the process.

Status: First draft in progress for NaNoWriMo 2016, will probably seek representation after alpha edits