Autumn’s Exile

Autumn’s Exile is the third and final book in the Sidhe Diaries. It is ready for beta readers! Beta readers will receive thanks in acknowledgements of the final book, an electronic copy of Autumn’s Exile when it is released, an either a poem or watercolor on the subject of their choice.


SPOILER ALERT: This synopsis contains spoilers for the first two books in the series.

Ydelia was raised as a sidhe princess in a magical realm, but the last year has been…difficult. She was killed once, discovered she has almost no magical talent, and has to share her title with the actual sidhe girl whom she had been swapped for at birth. Still, she was coping, until her criminal half-brother broke back into the realms to sow chaos and death. In Ydelia’s desperation to stop him, she screwed up as only a princess can screw up: royally. Her best friend ended up dead and it was her own blind attempt at magic that pulled the trigger. To diffuse the political backlash of his death, Ydelia’s mother exiled her from the human realms and sent her to live with her birth family. As the rising specter of civil war threatens her home, can Ydelia conquer her guilt, grief, and helplessness?

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