Maine Etsy Shops…Not for Tourists

Obsessively tracking packages is like a gift I give to myself this time of year. Etsy is my favorite because I can buy local AND not ever actually leave the house to do holiday shopping. I thought I’d share the joy and offer up a list of a number of Etsy shops with cool items that aren’t the usual touristy blah, which isn’t to say that Maine’s summer wannabe residents wouldn’t love these shops too, just that I gave a pass to anything that looked to be predominantly lobsters, blueberries, moose, seashells, and lighthouses. (Though if that’s your cup o’ tea, there are plenty more Maine Etsy sellers with interesting and quality takes on the tourist tropes, and bless you, because we love our tourist dollars. : )

But no, this list is to connect you to Maine artists and artisans, whose work is lovely or nifty or fun in its own right. And yes, there is an emphasis on fiber art…most of you come here for the knitting patterns, I know, so that’s all for you, m’deahs.

Fiber Art

On the Round – Owls Head – Bright, shiny, squooshy, handspun yarn and beautifully dyed fibers for spinning your own.

Maine Woods Yarn – Palermo – These folks have a special place in my heart because my first spindles came from them. Great kits for anyone who wants to give spinning a…whorl.

Maine Fiber Tools – Saco – This guy knows what a lathe is for: making pretty, pretty spindles. And yarn bowls. Great options here for the knitter or spinner on your list.

Funky Jewelry & Sexy Bags

Buy My Crap – Bangor – Who doesn’t love a little self-aware snark with their customized resin bangles? Send him your photos or buy one of her cool designs.

Fiona – Rockland – Simple stones set into elegant jewelry settings for a juxtaposition of elegance and simplicity that is Maine all over. Would pair equally well with evening-wear or Bean boots. :)

Rough and Tumble – Norway – Handmade leather bags for the person in your life who needs a bit of luxury spoiling.

Quirky Decor

North Wind Carvings – Orono – You’ve probably seen these carvings at various fairs, old faces peering out of the wood…perfect for that oddball with a fondness for fairies and woodland mystique in your life.

Timberstone Rustic Arts – Montville – Rocks, transformed. Lamps, pendants, soap dispensers, vases, birdhouses, clocks…all kinds of nifty things. Definitely a fun store to browse.

Mexican in Maine – Bangor – Not your usual Maine art. Forget the landscapes and lighthouses…this art has a Mexican style and the price for original work is low.

Sunny Acre Farm – Falmouth – Need a little birdhouse in your life? These are adorable…primitives style with a French flair.

Enchanted Forest Maine – Perry – Fairy house lamp. Need I say more? I do? Okay then: paper mache dragon. Djinn bottle incense burner. Just go look…it’s a fun shop.

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