Pointless Crusade #137

Can we talk about the phrase “oven-baked” for a moment?

Google definition of "baked"

The definition of “baked” is “cooked in an oven” (with a minimally important modifier, because while you can cooking something via non-dry heat in an oven, it’s not the more common process, so therefore, it would use a term like “oven-steamed,” which I’m okay with, because steaming isn’t, by definition, done in an oven, and using oven as a modifier therefore adds useful information), so can we please stop using the phrase oven-baked to try to make food sound fancier? It’s idiotic.

The only time I’m cool with the use of “oven-baked” is to refer to having gotten high in or by means of an oven, in which case, the phrase is descriptive rather than redundant. And also, at that point, redundant language is the least of your problems. Getting high in an oven sounds like high-risk behavior, so you might want to seek counseling if you find yourself needing to use this phrase appropriately on a regular basis.

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