Synposis – Autumn’s Daughter

I’m working on sending out proposals for my book to agents, and I’ve run into something I should have expected but didn’t: many of them want a synopsis.


Since the point of a synopsis is to demonstrate your skill as a storyteller while communicating the broad strokes of the plot, I drafted out a synopsis as if Niamh (my main character) were writing a letter to the publisher herself, which seems like a clean way to demonstrate the voice of the book. I think it’s a non-standard approach, but then, as it’s been pointed out, so is the tense structure of my book.

I think that’s a good thing?

Anyway, the synopsis contains massive spoilers both for Autumn’s Daughter and the sequels, but if anyone either doesn’t care or has already read a version, I’d love feedback on the synopsis…

Autumn’s Daughter Synopsis

4 thoughts on “Synposis – Autumn’s Daughter

  1. “from a few year ago” -> “from a few years ago”

    “In two years following the story my diary tells, Birdy and Ydelia lived and journaled about other events” -> ??

    What are your rules for capitalizing sidhe? It seems lowercase rather often.

    Overall, it sounds a bit like Artemis Fowl or Diane Duane’s “Stealing the Elf King’s Roses”. Presumably Niamh is not a Mary Sue, she has distinguishing traits. But what in this text would display those traits?


  2. Sounds good overall, though the politics are a little confusing to follow, here. I love the voice, maybe you could simplify the sidhe politics a bit more? I like the idea of three different journals to make the trilogy, really cool. I haven’t read “Stealing the Elf King’s Roses”, but if your character sounds too much like that one, definitely something to look at. Good idea, writing the letter in your character’s voice, very clever. :)


  3. You are a clever writer, however if I were debating to publish this book I’m not sure I’d be sold on it. Just remember I am not an expert. I would suggest you try writing a more traditional synopsis and let us all compare the two. You might look at them differently too. Love you. Keep up the good work.


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