NaNoWriMo Wants You!

Guess what?!? It’s that time of year again! Yep, the time of year when National Novel Writing Month and the holidays collide to make my already questionable ability to produce content for the blog just slip away altogether. This year the delightful mess is further complicated by the fact the John and I just bought a house and that I’m house-sitting for my parents in a week. I’ll be lucky if something approaching novel writing happens, let alone blogging.

But that’s okay, right, because I know all of you who read my blog so diligently are going to be SO inspired by my post that you’re going to go out there and spent the month in solidarity with me, writing like little fiends whether you like it or not. And I don’t care if half of you are whinging and trying to get away with that, “But I’m not a writer” nonsense.

National Novel Writing Month is an awesome endeavor for everyone, and here’s why:

1. Learn to Appreciate the Labor of Writing

You like to read, right? So develop some empathy for the work writers really do. If you’ve developed no empathy by the end of the month, you’re either a natural or a prolific disaster–either way, you may have found a new calling.

2. Be Brain-Healthier

Trying new things is good for your brain. Skydiving is expensive and terrifying. Writing is terrifying (especially when you share your work with others), but at least it’s cheap. And when people mock you for the outcome, at least you probably haven’t added injuries to the insults with a broken leg or something.

3. Become Immortal

Everyone has lived a life, and everyone has a story to tell. If you think you don’t, that means you’re not sharing it. If you’re not sharing it, your stories and knowledge will die with you.

4. Stop Being Selfish

See above. Stop hoarding your stories! In an age where biological mutation has become all but irrelevant for the perpetuation of the human race, the forces which drives us to evolve is the introduction of memes. If you’re hoarding your memetic wealth, you’re cutting the entire planet off from a potential source of valuable change.

Okay, I admit…even if you are a morally beatific genius, that one’s a bit of a stretch. That’s all I’ve got right now, but I think any one of those reasons should convince you to try to write a novel. If nothing else, it will give you one more story to tell.


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