If 15 is Giant Metal Chickens…

Then 4 is houses. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, finish reading my post and then come back up and follow this link to a marvelous madcap blog where you can read about Beyonce the Giant Metal Chicken and learning to pick your battles.

Purple Chicken
Purple Chicken / Joe Schlabotnik / CC BY 2.0

Still with me? Okay: first things first.

John and I are making an offer on a house tomorrow. It’s the first house we’re making an offer on and it would be delightful if we could close the deal, no matter how improbable it is that everything will work out on the first go round, so wish us luck. Pretty please. Don’t ask which house yet…we don’t want to jinx anything. We do promise that if we know you in real life and wish to continue having you show up at our doorstep unannounced, we’ll send you an invitation to the open house after we close so you’ll know where to stalk us. :)

Secondly…I attended the marvelous Agents of Change conference today, and while an excellent evening of paying culinary homage to the fourth anniversary of being married to John has been helpful in unwinding, I’m still processing. It gave me great inspiration for both my professional work and my personal projects. For now, I’ll just say that (1) good things are coming for Variations on a String and also my novel-level work and (2) once I set up a newsletter sign-up, you should jump right on that list because it will only ever bring you interesting things that NO ONE ELSE WILL BE GETTING. So keep your eyes open.

Thirdly–did you know that Amazon is now doing serial fiction? I think the program has interesting promise for readers and writers alike and I will be pitching them a concept that I will end up developing on my own if they turn it down, because I think it’s that potentially awesome. (See newsletter teaser above…hint, hint.)

Lastly…Harper Voyager (a big freakin’ name in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy world) is opening their doors for unagented submissions for the first two weeks of October. I share this with you not to increase the competition, but to foster goodwill with my peers. In other words, if your manuscript is accepted and mine isn’t, you talented fool, remember who sent you the link and put in a good word for me with your shiny new editor. :)

Alright, I’m done with you. Go back to the top of the post and check out the giant metal chicken thing…it’ll exercise your liver.

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