The Assembly of the Daleks

I’m a Whovian. Did you know that? The more I watch, the worse I get. I’m against having cable t.v. on the principle that I already watch too much t.v. from what I can get online, but a very vocal part of my brain REALLY wants to get cable just to get BBC America. If they had an online subscription service, I would be all over that like frosting on a cupcake.

A Dalek cupcake, that is…

I had the idea to do Dalek cupcakes for the season 7 premiere last week, but we had enough sugary goodness at my mother-in-law’s that it seemed gratuitous to put more temptation in front of a very small group of people who mostly try to take care of their bodies by not eating too much junk, so I waited a whole week and made cupcakes last night.

Who killed all the Daleks? … Who do you think?

I found a lot of advice and inspiration in this video…and then ignored most of it. For one thing…vegan cupcakes? Pass. For another…licorice? Good’n’Plenty? Ewww. Her cupcakes are admittedly lovely, but licorice is not fit for human consumption, in my opinion. Pretzels and chocolate, however, are divinely inspired and that piece of genius I gladly stole.

John helped me fix the frosting and place the M&M armor on the first half of the cupcakes–we went with these firstly because I was not feeling motivated to drive to the party store for fancy gold candy balls and secondly because we wanted to tip our hat to the colorful paradigm introduced in “Victory of the Daleks.” You can tell where John got tired and I took over…his are terrifying works of shiny precision who will exterminate you. Mine look like the Doctor has finished up this round of battle with a winning hand.


I have a prediction, though it makes me roll my eyes at Steven Moffat to think my prediction might  be true. In this last episode, the  Doctor is erased from the memory of all of the Daleks. I suspect that any moderation they practiced was in fear of him, and  that without the memory of their predator, they will quest after domination with renewed determination…and thus we will be back at square one with the Daleks. I hope this isn’t the case though, because the Daleks are not my favorite monster–they just translate best to amateur cupcake decorating whimsy.


One thought on “The Assembly of the Daleks

  1. Oh, it looks like so much fun!!! All I made for tonight’s episode is green/white pizza and a wacky banana cake. I do have some leftover gummy octopus, however. Does it count that we watched Jurassic Park with Declan last nite…since this episode is something about dinasaurs on a spaceship? You really should consider a weekly trek to Newport. There are only 5 episodes this fall.
    Enjoy your cupcakes….they all look very fearsome:)


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