The Awe Frog

Last night I boiled water. I made myself a cup of hot cocoa, and as an after thought, I mentioned to John that there was hot water if he felt like making himself anything. Nice wife, right? This is why I love my husband though: he jumped up excitedly and said, “Thank you! You’re awesome. I REALLY love you.”

Me: “I….boiled water.”

John: “I know! That’s awesome.”

Me: “I just boiled water.”

John: “But it’s just so nice, to be going along and then suddenly be surprised because you can have a hot cup of something cozy.”

Me: “Okaaaay…”

I constantly find John’s relentless enthusiasm for simple things to be utterly baffling, even though it’s one of the qualities I most love and admire in him. I got some perspective on this quality the other day, however, when we got an email from his lovely mother, who is a counselor. “When I am working with clients I explain to them that the human mind generally has 9 negative thoughts to every 1 positive thought even when we aren’t depressed (when the ratio is closer to 89-0)  We have to WORK to be positive.  I give them an assignment to be in awe of 1 thing each day.” It’s such an admirable quality, and I can really see the power of being raised around such thinking in my husband.

John’s mom also sent us some pictures of the frog we gave her for Easter. “Frog and I just spent a half hour finding things in which to be in awe. It wasn’t hard…..he is in awe of everything:) ” These pictures cheered me up and continue to cheer me up as I face down the looming prospect of having my wisdom teeth pulled (T-45 minutes), and I thought I would share them.

The Awe Frog has already become a mental meme in our house: when John reacted to the boiled water with such delight last night,  we considered photoshopping him next to the kettle. In fact, if anyone with some photoshop skills feels like turning Awe Frog into a real internet meme, that would tickle me pink. In the meantime, I’m just going to imagine Frog sitting next to the giant box of fudgesicles and the vats of soup I cooked up and try to be excited about my convalescence.

Wish me luck, folkles.

2 thoughts on “The Awe Frog

  1. John is also in awe of “utensils”. I assume you’ve heard that parenting scenario as well…if not, ask about it when you can talk again. :)
    That said, mum is pretty amazing when it comes to enjoying simple things. I assume that’s why she likes me.
    Love you!


  2. Melissa
    Glad you enjoy the pictures. I’m having so much fun with Frog. Thank-you for him….and for the kind words. As Aymie points out, I’m not always in awe…..except for my two great kids and their families. You are always awesome!!
    It’s 11:30 now so, you must be out of surgery. I’m thinking about you. Love you


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