Gathering Wool

I’m in the process of moving my knitting and fiber blogging into a blog of it’s own, so starting with this post, everything fiber related will be posted in full at my fiber blog, Variations on a String. Here’s the start of my post about the New England Fiber Festival!

* * *

Abandon hope, all ye who read here. Beyond this sentence lies an account of the first step of a helpless soul into utter madness. Beyond this sentence lies an account of… SHEEP DAY!!!

(This is my Sheep Day face. I’m like a kid on Christmas morning, halfway through the stocking candy.)

“Sheep Day” was actually the Fiber Festival of New England. It’s basically a big geek fest for people who like wool. If you’re a knitter and you’ve never been to a fiber festival (as I had not), all I can say is WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Tickets were cheap ($5.00); the bounty of beautiful yarns, tools, and crafts was deliciously overwhelming; and the camaraderie of fellow wool-lovers is a delight to the heart. And the mind–I talked to dozens of incredibly knowledgeable people. In the course of a few hours of glad-handing and eavesdropping, I learned more about wool than I have in six months of Google searches. I mean, sure, you can find everything on the internet, but people are much better at answering the questions you don’t realize you need to ask.

Full Post Here (with more pictures!)

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