Playing Dress-Up

Three years ago today, John and I promised each other that we would love each other forever and ever. Two years ago, we discovered that buying meaningful gifts to indicate that love is incredibly difficult if you want to both surprise your spouse and present one another with equal expressions of affection (I bought John a tree, he bought me a journal which I have almost filled). Last year, we decided that we’d be better off working together to find a gift for us to enjoy as a couple (a Wii). This year, in keeping with that spirit of teamwork, we decided that buying ourselves another game system was not nearly geeky enough, so we went all out on costumes and tickets to King Richard’s Faire.

Aren’t we purty? John is Robin Hood (clearly) and I am (by association) Maid Marion. I won’t tell you about the fair itself. You can look at my pictures if you care to. The real fun of the experience was looking at the costumes of the hardcore LARPing crowd.  This year, at least. John was getting a bit competitive about costumes to the point that I believe we may have to include ourselves in the hardcore LARPing crowd next year.

What could be more hardcore than wearing plush Halloween-grade costumes purchased from an online discount merchant, you ask? Wearing custom chain mail that has been handcrafted one link at a time, for starters. Or perhaps dressing in garments prepared in materials and by technologies that would have been available during the reign of King Richard. Carrying a wrought-iron sword forged by a modern apparition of an old-school blacksmith. When you’re face to face with real leather bodices and hand-dyed petticoats, plush and rayon and plastic seem amateurish. Next year, we will be kicking our costumes up a notch.

For the moment, however, and in celebration of our third anniversary, I thought I might treat you to a couple pictures of our other dress-up moments as a married couple. Just, you know, so you can see that we mean business.

This is from our first Halloween together. It’s not a holiday we pay much attention to, but a friend of John’s had invited us to a costume party. Our rendition of Quasimodo and Esmerelda was assembled from things we have in our closet. Oh yes, I do own three thousand scarves.

And this is from the first half hour of our married life, where we were dressed up as two people who were running around in wet grass in the most expensive clothing we had ever worn and unconcerned about it because we were both totally in love and also completely distracted by the photographers, the fact that we had a hall full of people waiting for us to come eat with them, and the raging head cold that had attacked me two days earlier. All joking and sarcasm aside, this was the happiest moment of my life up to that point in time. In spite of the awesome adventures John and I continue to have (I mentioned that we’re on the lookout for a house with enough land and the right zoning to accommodate sheep, right? : ), it remains pretty darn close to the top of my happy moments.

Happy three years, my love. Here’s to hoping we have many more together.

3 thoughts on “Playing Dress-Up

  1. Awwwwwwww! And Damn! I ALWAYS think it’s the 17th. [sigh] Congratulations! You two are so great together. Many more happy years to you!


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