I’ve got creativity on the brain right now. It’s a dangerous state of mind sometimes (as can be evidenced by my dead-serious and possibly ill-advised statement to John this morning: “I think I want to quit my life and become a wool farmer”), but it also fills me with this boundless joy and plenitude of energy that I get antsy if I can’t share. I’m having a hard time finding enough people to share it with, so I’m going to share with you this poem that I wrote in a similar state of inspired madness some who-knows-when time ago.


Create something.


I don’t care what you do,

as long as it gives a piece of you to the world.

If you aren’t creating,

you’re only taking.

That’s a thankless way to live.

One thought on “Thankful

  1. Raising sheep!!!!! I can picture John’s look of horror. Maybe because I get a similar look from Tom when I mention that I think a couple of goats would be fun to go with our chickens….someday. Retirement is going to be such a blast!!!


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