On Scribd: Market-Watching Flowchart Guide

I was going to give you some etymology for Tuesday, but as I was driving home from work and listening to NPR, I found myself feeling a bit blue. If you need to ask why, good for you. I’m guessing you’re in the dark about the nation’s rough financial state because you spend too much time volunteering in your community to listen to the radio. Keep up the good work, and don’t bother reading this comic.

If you know exactly what I mean, read on.

3 thoughts on “On Scribd: Market-Watching Flowchart Guide

  1. Very clever, Melissa. Not only am I impressed with your comic presentation but also….how did you make all those little boxes and lines with your computer?? Ok…I can make text boxes but the lines really elude me. You see….I do have more pressing issues than the stock market…and less depressing. Love you!!!


    1. Thanks, Brenda…the boxes were a challenge, believe me. I was working with Word, and all I can say is that the next time John buys Adobe CS, he’s gonna have to get the multi-computer license. It was a pain. Glad you enjoyed the result!


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