Just Chill

I am the queen of rationalizing, or so John tells me. Sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes not. Today, I am going to rationalize the fact that this post is totally lazy. 1.) I had a killer headache from the evil humidity last night. 2.) I started to write a post, but then my computer froze and dumped everything. 3.) You’ll have more fun reading this anyway. Instead of trying to come up with something meaningful, I’m just going to share some things that have amused me lately.

Fire Body and Water Girl

This is my first experience with two-player games on a PC. It’s a puzzle-based platform jumper with some timing puzzles (think old school Prince of Persia, only easier and with no fighting) that require two characters to solve. I’ve been playing both myself–Fire Boy with my right hand and Water Girl with my left. I feel like I’m training my left hand to be more versatile while goofing off with my right, which works for me.


The photo doesn’t do this game much justice, but I think all of my TNQDE fans will enjoy it. The premise is simple: they give you a definition and a first letter, you give them a word. You start with a countdown of 60 seconds, each word you answer correctly gives you bonus time. The words are fairly easy, for the most part, so it feels like you’re doing something that’s good for your brain without doing any work.


Owls drop, pigs roll, zebras jump, penguins spin, and giraffes tip over in an effort to bump the elephant of its absurdly precarious sleeping place. This is a game for all you lovers of Angry Birds. It’s almost completely mindless, at least in the early levels, and definitely giggle-inducing.

And now you all know what I’m actually doing when even knitting and watching t.v. is just too much for me to handle.

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