The Herbs are Growing!

Saturday was a great day of visiting with John’s dad and step-mom. I used it as an excuse to cheat mercilessly on my diet, which I can justify to myself because we spent most of the day walking in the woods, walking around town, and walking around the Walpole Historical Society. Toss the long day of walking and the less-than-healthy eating into a blender with the fact that I took some allergy medication in an utterly failed attempt to have a clear head and what you get is an “I don’t really want to write a blog post for tomorrow” smoothie.

So I took some fuzzy pictures of our plants for you  instead.

These are the morning glories that I started in my car. Seasoned gardeners are probably gasping and thinking, “Yees, so many in one pot?” I know, I know. I got a bit carried away and now I can’t bear to kill these tiny little lives by thinning them out. I suppose I could try to transplant them, but let’s face it: I would probably kill them that way too. As it is, I’ve got them inside at the moment, which means the cats think they’re salad. By leaving the whole bunch there, I’m allowing some of them to sacrifice themselves to the cats in order to save the others. Right?

Did I mention that I’m good at justifying bad decisions?

Here’s the borage we planted in the window box, I think. We didn’t have the forethought to mark what we planted where this time around. The funny thing about babies, including, apparently, baby plants, is that they all look pretty much alike. I think this is borage mostly because it’s about five times bigger than the other plants and the borage seeds were the biggest by far. Safe bet, right?

This one is either chives or tarragon. Your guess is probably better than mine, even with the picture taken by my camera, which isn’t spiffy enough to focus well on these tiny guys. I’ll probably talk John into doing a fancy shot at some point in the summer, but since everything looks the same right now, I didn’t see the point. This patch was the first to peek up and has definitely put up the most plants, so I think it’s chives. If my spatial memory of what we planted relative to the other plants is accurate, our violas and tarragon are coming up. The basil and strawberries are tarrying a bit.

I’ve pretty much given up on the lemonbalm and mint, unless I find the verve to go buy more seeds. Those are both supposedly great shade growers, but we haven’t seen anything from them. Today I think I figured out why: as I was sitting on the couch, a squirrel wandered by and took a cozy little dirt bath in both of the pots.

2 thoughts on “The Herbs are Growing!

  1. Hi, Melissa
    Sounds like a good weekend. Sorry about the fuzzy head. But, glad you let yourself splurge with food. You deserve a break.
    I think that those must be tarragon. They are definitely not chives. Chives come up in little spikes…..deliciious, onion-flavored, little spikes….love ’em. Your morning glories are really great. Enjoy!!
    Love ya


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