Leaving March Like a Lion

If March has been a gray month of being stuck in a quagmire, April is going to be a month of rampant productivity. How am I going to accomplish this, you ask? Simple: I’m setting goals. I love goals, especially the incremental ones, because you can color in a progress bar or give yourself gold stars for hitting certain landmarks. When you finally hit your goal, it feels like you’ve accomplished something bigger than just meeting a personal goal.

This feeling is always better reinforced if other people are working towards the same goal with me, so I’m issuing a challenge. Do you dare do the wild and crazy things I’m going to do? Do you dare to join me? Do you think you can beat me to the finish line?

Oh, right. You probably want to know what you’re getting yourself into first.

Challenge #1: Script Frenzy

Done by the same people who did NaNoWriMo, this is a month-long contest to produce a 100-page script in 30 days.  Just to give you a sense of how easy this is, my NaNoWriMo novel clocked in at 226 pages. Scripts have more white space (ergo, less words), so you’re looking at less than half the challenge of writing a novel. Better yet, if you happen to be under the age of 18 (I’m looking at your kids, my homeschooling mom-pals!), you can SET YOUR OWN GOAL and participate in the Young Writer’s Program version of the contest. I’m signed up as a group leader, so you can link up with me. Codename: MsMelissa

Challenge #2: Marathon Month

April is the month in which the famous Boston Marathon happens. Living close to Boston as I do, it seemed like a good event to take advantage of to get my kids excited about fitness. We’ve measure out our gym and our playground and calculated how many laps around each equal a mile (22 and 26, respectively), and over the month of April, the kids are all going to try to run 26.2 miles worth of laps. I am putting myself to the same test, although I will be doing my mileage on the treadmill in between shifts. I challenge you to join me–grab a pedometer or a treadmill or the track or pace off a course. Bike, walk, run, dance, do the funky chicken, but whatever you do, keep your heart elevated to an exercise rate for the length of 26.2 miles during April. If that’s nothing to those of you who classify as fitness buffs, then join in and reassure the rest of us that it can be done.

The final goal, which I am not going to challenge you to join me in, is keeping up my blog while running a marathon and writing a screenplay. This is probably going to require me to give up knitting and possibly Stargate for the month of April, but you guys are worth it. Blog posts will be Monday/Wednesday as usual and TNQDE will be Tuesday/Thursday.

Let’s defeat the shaking bog of March together!

3 thoughts on “Leaving March Like a Lion

  1. I will do your 26.2 miles with you this month. Part of it will be swimming. I have been using the formula of 1 min. of moderate swim = 150 steps. My half hour swim is = 4500 steps divided by 2200 steps = 2.045miles.I got this from a health source. As for the Frenzy, dare I????? I have never written a play. Do I do it on my own hard drive or is it down on line? I couldn’t quite make it out. Love you, Grammy


  2. Yay! What a great idea, Grammy, swimming the mileage. That’s wider than the English Channel (at least at its narrowest : ). As for the script…you dare! You are a daring lady. You write it on your own hard drive then upload a PDF for verification at the end, if you care about that. We can talk more on Sunday if you like. Love you!


  3. Hi, Melissa
    I read this post earlier this week and have been considering whether to take the mileage challenge….didn’t want to do it if I wasn’t really going to do it. But, waking up to an April winter storm convinced me that I need to have some fun and begin to shake out the cobwebs. So, I’ll strap on the pedometer that Aymie gave me for my birthday and run a bit each day. During the winter I did 12 miles of cross country skiing in February. But, I love being outside on skis..hmmm.
    The writing challenge will have to wait til retirement. I probably write a couple novels of notes about people’s lives each month. So, extra writing comes only when I’m really inspired.
    Love you lots and lots


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