On the Writer’s Block

My life is a bit boring at the moment, and where’s it’s not, my attitude is such that I couldn’t really write anything but whiny into a post, so instead, I’m going to give you a sneak peek at what I’m writing outside the blog. Comments on ideas and my so-called “working” titles (which I fully admit are primarily defined by just how well they don’t work) are, as always, very welcome. If nothing else, I’m hoping my blurbs will make you bug me to read stuff so that I stay motivated to get things written.

Short Story (Novella?): “Robo-Victoria”

Ivy Byrd is sixteen, female, a scientist, and a resident of Victorian England. The year is 1844 and, quite frankly, no one but her progressively-minded scientist parents are ready for her. Certainly her prim grandmother isn’t, and when Ivy’s scattered mind for the social graces embarrasses her publicly, her grandmother demands that Ivy learn to behave like a lady, threatening to cut off the funding she provides to Ivy’s parents unless marked improvement is made. This YA steampunk fantasy is told through a series of letters Ivy writes to her cousin in France (the art of correspondence being one of the non-negotiable points of her grandmother’s treaty) as Ivy struggles against Victorian mores to contribute to a breakthrough in steam-powered technology that will change the future of the world forever.

Script: “Bicycle Girl” (Plot I will be writing for Script Frenzy in April.)

The Herns are an odd little family. Even at the age of twenty, Ness Hern isn’t sure quite how she fits into the family tree. Uncle Jek and Aunt Ine aren’t actually her aunt or uncle. She’s pretty sure they’re not even related to one another, but that hasn’t stopped them from doing their best to turn her into a responsible citizen after the death of her parents. The ad hoc family survives on the proceeds of patents for minor inventions and royalties from obscure academic texts which cover, as far as Ness can tell, everything from alchemy to zoology. When Ness’s bike breaks down, she scavenges an old bike from the barn full of discarded prototypes to get her to and from her classes. The bike is, not surprisingly, not exactly a bike and Ness quickly discovers that sometimes all you need to change the world is a little extra time.

Novel: Autumn’s Sister

The sequel to Autumn’s Daughter (the book I wrote during the 2010 NaNoWriMo) Autumn’s Sister will follow Birdie Brennan as she tries to go back to life as usual after being kidnapped, tortured, brainwashed, and bereft of her older sister. No one in her life knows what happened, and as a stubborn enchantment keeps Birdie from telling anyone, she becomes more and more isolated from her friends and family. When a mysterious stranger shows up with an unexpected offer, Birdie will find herself have to decide whether to face the lonely challenge of reclaiming her old life or to throw herself back into the alien world she only wishes to forget. 

Knitting Pattern: “J” is for Joy

I can’t describe what I’m working up, since it’s a belated and as-of-yet unfinished present for my sister, but I will hint that it’s a pretty and lightweight springtime gift that offers a bit of a challenge. The new pattern will be available as soon as I get confirmation that the USPS has dutifully delivered the prototype to her door.

All of these efforts are contributing to the drain on my mental resources and are therefore to blame for my lack of interest in writing about my non-creative life. Hope one or two of them catch your attention!

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