Blog Fail: The Sequel

I know there are a few of you who just love my blog, who think to check it every Monday and Wednesday and whose brows may wrinkle ever so slightly in disappointment when I fail to post. To those two or three of you… I am very, very sorry for the news I am about to deliver.

Dearest readers, I am standing you up again for the month of January. It’s not without good cause, I promise. Remember that long, wasteland of November when you missed me so direly while I was spinning out those 50,000 words with ever so much care? Out of that burst of effort, I managed to produce a complete young adult fantasy novel. But what am I, an unpublished and not yet remarkable writer, to do with this manuscript? The choices are numerous.

1. I could sigh in deep contentment at my own accomplishment and leave the file buried where no one will ever read it.

2. I could print it off and send it with a cocky letter to the YA fantasy press whose books I adore (i.e., Candlewick) and sob in humiliated, soul-crushing grief when they reject it without reading it.

3. I could spend years polishing the manuscript, during which I could hunt near and far for an agent to take on the charmingly forgettable bit of silliness that I will have inevitably mangled to a bloody pulp in a sad attempt to make it mean something.

4. I could spend slightly less than a month engaged in a mad dash to refine, fill out, and edit the piece before rushing it into the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award where my failure to win will be at least slightly less than apocalyptic to my writerly sense of self.

Guess which option I’m choosing? Yes, if all goes well, you could be reading the blog of an up and coming fantasy star. And if all goes horribly awry, the worst case scenario is that you will abandon my meager blog in a huff because I’ve decided to ignore you for a month. I hope that you’ll forgive me when I come back to you, hang-dog, with a humble apology to the only readership I’m likely to ever have.

And don’t read anything into the fact that I’m going to work exercise into my day. It’s not like I’m choosing my old nemesis over my good friends. I do love writing the nugatory bits I do for you all, but until we find a way to work more hours into the day, I have to make tough choices, and my tough choices as we stumble into the new year are to finish a manuscript and lose those holiday pounds.

Don’t worry. I’ll be back sooner than you’d imagine.

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