NaNoWriMo Sabbatical

No, the title of my blog is not referring to an obscure Pokemon character or unsightly medical condition. “NaNoWriMo” is apparently the way affectionate insiders refer to “National Novel Writing Month.” Truth be told, I think they’re due for a name change since the event is international, but “IntNoWriMo” is admittedly less catchy.

Whatever you call it, November is host to the efforts of many would-be writers who use the month to write a 50,000 word work of fiction. The idea is to lose the inhibitions of perfectionism and just get words on the page. Bad writing can be edited, after all, but you can’t do anything to improve writing that isn’t there, right?

I have thought about embarking down the mad path of NaNoWriMo a few times in the past, and this year I actually have a work schedule that is as conducive to the effort as I probably ever will have in my life as a financially productive adult. (Unless, of course, I ever actually make it as a writer…) I have decided, therefore, to go for it. November will be a month dedicated to writing a short novel, no matter how ill-advised the prose that pours from my pen. (cf., the alliteration in that sentence…)

To that end, I’m going on a blogging sabbatical of sorts. This will be my last regular post until December. I may post from time to time and will update via Facebook and Twitter as usual, but the novel is going to take priority. I will, however, being making a greater use of Twitter. When I’m writing, you will be able to gauge my level of procrastination and hair-tearing by following my feed @Melissaipsa.

If any of my writerly friends are following the rabbit down into madness for the month with me, you can look my progress up on the NaNoWriMo site under the username MWalshe. Fare thee well until December, and godspeed to my fellow rabbit-chasers.

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