Wii and the Art of A Happy Marriage

Tomorrow John and I celebrate our second anniversary. Or, rather, tomorrow is our second anniversary.  We celebrated on Saturday because my job leaves me drooling and half-conscious from exhaustion within about an hour of getting home every night. Not really the best foot to put forward to remind my husband he didn’t marry an insane drool-monster…

We decided to change our tactic for buying anniversary presents this year. Last year, being our first anniversary, we were traditional. We bought each other paper (I got a nice new notebook, John got a tree) and went out to dinner, which was lovely and wonderful, but didn’t really ring with that je ne sais quois that makes a moment in a relationship precious and helps bring a couple closer.

So this year…we bought ourselves a Wii, Chinese take-out, and stayed up until one in the morning gaming together.

This might not sound romantic, but I’m finding that real romance has nothing to do with the sort of romance you find in books. Flowers, for example, aren’t nearly as romantic as potatoes, as this card points out. Similarly, John and I eat dinner together every night. Going out is nice, but it’s one hour of celebrating our love. And surprise anniversary presents are dangerous. If one of us puts more thought in, or spends significantly more money, there’s a chance that the imbalance of gift-giving will leave one of us feeling uncomfortable for poor gift-giving and the other slightly hurt by the lameness of the gift; instead of spending an evening feeling close and being reminded of why we love each other, we’d spend the evening trying to not feel hurt or annoyed.

Buying a used Wii, however, was an epic afternoon of finding the right used system and game that demanded collaboration and compromise. The Game Stop closest to us had the right hardware, but not the used game we were looking for, so we had to drive twenty minutes to another store. We thought it would be easier to buy everything at the same place, but while the second store’s used game selection was superior (in that they had a copy of Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands, which is what I was hoping for), their used hardware was much more expensive. Back to the first store for the hardware…

When we got home, we realized our tv didn’t have a composite video input. By that point, however, I had already ordered dinner, so I had to wait for the food while John dashed back out to the Shack for a modulator. See? Teamwork! ( Right, Mom?) And as we sat together playing the game, we employed a knockout combination of John’s ability to solve logic puzzles and actually run and jump in the intended direction (i.e., not off a cliff) with my familiarity with PoP game mechanics and surprisingly superior button-mashing battle tactics. And, as we couldn’t figure out what makes the game label indicate it’s a two-player game, we had to practice sharing the fun acrobatic bits.

Sharing, teamwork, and good solid fun are much strong ways to build a relationship, I think, than high-pressure gifts and a quiet dinner. I’m already looking forward to getting a copy of Mario so I can claim our marriage counselor is an Italian plumber…

One thought on “Wii and the Art of A Happy Marriage

  1. You guys are so wise. The anniversary is the day you look at each other and say, “Yeah, we’re doing great.” The closeness comes on all those other days. I love the potato card. Happy Anniversary tomorrow!!!


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