Lazy Lady Food Post

In my defense, I’m not lazy. I’m just feeling the end of my first day as director of a before and after school program. My hours are not long, and I don’t think they’ll be at all strenuous once we settle into our routine, but you know how the first day of school is….

Wait, who has a peanut allergy? Who can’t have gluten? Do animal crackers have wheat in them? Shoot. What do you mean we don’t have any paperwork for the kids starting tomorrow morning? You, in the blue–are you sure you’re supposed to be in our program? You are? Why is our computer telling me this student doesn’t exist?

And so on down the line.  We managed to get through the day with happy, uninjured kids who did not get lost, so it was a brilliant success, but I have no energy left for a real blog, so I’m giving you a photography tour of some delicious and attractive summer food I cooked up before we moved.

Course One: Sourdough Bread with Herbed Goat Cheese

I will eventually do a series of posts on making sourdough from beginning to end. This is made with a starter I grew from nothing but flour, water, and sugar.  What I love about a good sourdough (and I’ve finally started to produce loaves I feel comfortable calling “good”) is that you only need starter, flour, water, and salt. I always have those things in my cupboard, unlike the milk and butter used in standard white bread recipes. Also, made with no fat, I imagine it’s a healthier recipe.

Course Two: Ratatouille

I mostly use the recipe from Cooking for Engineers, with a few modifications. Specifically, I hate green peppers unless they have been thoroughly fried in butter, so I used red instead. Also, I think his recipe is wimpy with the tomato paste, so I used more. A lot more. His cooking times are also not necessarily accurate if you make a bigger batch–you really want to give the eggplant time to cook almost to mush, or the flavors won’t blend and the eggplant skin will squeak.  Summer squash can add nice color, but it also squeaks. If your want to stretch the batch farther, you could scoop it over pasta as a veggie-heavy sauce.

Course Three: Blueberry-Peach Cobbler

John’s dad gave us some lovely little peaches from the tree in his yard, and I wanted to do something with them to make sure they’d all get put to good use, even once they started getting a little over-ripe for eating straight. I don’t really eat peaches, so I latched onto the first idea that came to mind: cobbler. By the time the peaches were going soft, John had actually managed to eat most of them, so I stretched the fruit mix with a bit of the blueberry jam I made with Mom. There really wasn’t a lot, so I quartered Paula Dean’s recipe (subbing for the self-rising flour, seriously, don’t pay money for that stuff) and baked it in a mini springform pan. As I said, I’m not a peach person, but John enjoyed it.

And on that longer-than-intended note, I am going to bed.

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