Spring Cleaning

Do you remember actually liking spring cleaning as a kid, when you could go into the attic or the basement and discover the strange joys of your parents’ mysterious old things? When their dusty schoolbooks and graduation robes were like magical tomes and wizards’ garb?

Me neither. Spring cleaning actually evokes more of a “Mom’s getting out the bucket and mop–run for your life!” reaction in me. The only visions spring cleaning conjured into my imagination were the remnants of swept cobwebs and the conviction that the displaced spiders had decided to nest in my clothes.

But imagine that spring cleaning really was a fun, enchanted time of rediscovering old things. That would be good, right?

Work with me here, people.

Sigh. Okay, fine then. Spring cleaning is torture. My real point is that I have just sprung clean my computer files and discovered a mess of comics and very short pieces of writing that you may or may not have any interesting in reading. At the risk of bearing the weighty consequences, I have assumed that you all find everything I produce to be witty and fascinating. Or, barring that, that you are capable of being picky consumers on your own. To that end, I’ve just posted a whole mess of files on Scribd and linked to each with a lovingly crafted post with appropriate caveats.

If you poke around the “Comics” and “Random” pages, you will find neither cobwebs nor wizards’ robes, but hopefully you will find a chuckle. At least.

UPDATE 6/27/2010: I just finished making all of the Scribd files embedded instead of linked, which means no distracting ads. Handy reading tip: if the type is too small, click where it says “Full Screen.” I think you’ll find it’s a more comfortable reading experience.

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