I Spy Something….Green.

The honeymoon is definitely over. Not with my husband (that’s still going strong : ), but with this city and our purposes for being here. Right now we’re both struggling to keep sight of why we’re here in the first place, and part of that struggle is figuring out what we’re going to do when school and our lease are done.


Did you know that you can buy a cute little house on a lake in Newfoundland for less than a hundred grand?


Yes, I realize that Canada might be less than eager to grant us citizenship when we list our reason for wanting to move as “Real life is too hard. Canada is pretty.” But you just start looking around at real estate in Newfoundland and tell me you’re not tempted to run away. I dare you. When I’m a rich and famous author, I will find a way to buy that glorified hunting lodge and spend my summer days communing with the geese.


When and why moving to Newfoundland became my escapist fantasy, I really couldn’t tell you. John doesn’t understand it either. His is giving up all worldly goods to join an intentional community (the phenomenon formerly known as a commune), which makes a certain amount of sense. When exchanging time for money seems like a bad deal, quit capitalism in favor of small scale socialism. Perfectly logical. I’m pretty sure that Canada, however, still more or less requires you to have some means of income to support yourself. Add in the hassle of immigration laws, and moving to Canada to escape the difficulty in real life is an even more ridiculous fantasy…


All of which makes me grateful I have John as my partner, because I guess we’re stuck here, facing life in Boston as it comes.


Unless, of course, any of my silent fans happen to be looking to hire a teacher and a graphic designer for some new initiative in Newfoundland?




Ah well. I had to ask.

5 thoughts on “I Spy Something….Green.

  1. Darn…..I forgot to pack my super-duper majic wand in with the leftover cookies:) Cookies are better anyway. Plus I wouldn’t want you to miss all the fun and satisfaction of figuring out the twists and turns of your lives. A Harvard education and experience living/working in a city are NEVER wasted time or money.
    I believe that every state has a ‘loan forgiveness’ program for teachers willing to work in underprivileged areas. Not so sure about Canadian provinces….but,…….
    Newfoundland sounds……..interesting:?)
    Love you guys


  2. John is right – age 8 a much better place to settle…
    Hi to you both! Loved hearing your voices this weekend. I hear that John had quite a conversation with Declan about why Declan wanted to marry Josie! Now Declan is planning to “live naked” so I guess that even at age 5 we have escapist fantasies. He might not be able to visit you much in Newfoundland, though if he pursues that particular ambition. (He also might not get to go to Harvard.)
    Sending you guys big hugs. I think it will be time for an Easter squirt gun fight so you should come back up to Maine for that weekend and I’ll try to do the same.
    Love you both,


  3. And I thought you were going to say something about “the wear’ng ‘o the green” for St. Patties day. Oh well, just remember the pastures are always greener looking elsewhere. Don’t give up the ship on your original plans. I think the pressure of living in your “closet” apartment is getting to you. Love,Grammy


    1. Oh, sorry about the green confusion. It was an obscure reference to a Disney movie that probably only my sisters would get–a joke about all the trees in Canada : ) I’m not giving up, don’t worry. Just blowing off, as you said, the pressure steam. Love you too!
      (Also…I will probably do a special St. Patty’s day post. How could I not? ; )


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