Even-toed Ungulates in the Snow

Sometimes I think it’s a good thing to step back and just savor the random diversity of civilization. Yesterday was a good day for that. I had to go out to a part of Dorchester I haven’t been to before, along an unfamiliar bus route, which means I was actually paying attention to my surroundings instead of my book. Nothing makes you later than accidentally riding a bus all the way to the end of the route because you were being a space cadet.


Anyway, the bus runs past Franklin Park Zoo. Zoos are not the most exciting places in the winter, especially from a distance. It’s mostly all snow-covered fields, bare trees, and a large number of fences. I started to daze off and look the other way when we rounded a corner and saw, standing in the snow, two Bactrian camels (the two-humped kind).


I was still enjoying the strangeness of my camel-sighting when,on my way back home, I stopped in Brookline to nose around the fantastic local bookstore. Crossing one road as I walked home from there, a bright red sign caught my attention with this brilliant question: “Is it a sign?” Um, yes. That is what they are generally called. I think it was meant to be asking a mystical question tempting people to come study at the Kabbalah center, but still…I had to chuckle.


Good things tend to come in threes. That’s what they say, at least, but I suspect that we, expecting three, just tend to tune out once we hit the magic number. My third moment of appreciating what happens when you combine lots of people from different backgrounds focused on one of these wonderful people. Actually, I have no idea if he was wonderful, but his choice of wardrobe was a tribute to freedom of choice, which you have to appreciate: Slim-leg white pants, leather bomber jacket, emerald green bowling shoes, and a fur hat. I don’t think words could do justice to the peculiar figure he cut.


You’ve got to love people. And camels in the snow.

5 thoughts on “Even-toed Ungulates in the Snow

  1. Just out of linguistic curiosity, is “later” a word in the way you used it? “See you later” is okay, but are you allowed to say “later” or should it be “more late”. Just bein’ a punk and wonderin’. :)


    1. I would have to look it up to be sure, but it’s probably not really a word. That, however, has never stopped me from messing around with words and creating neologisms as I see fit, so I’m not going to worry about it : )


      1. You’re welcome! Visit the zoo some time–I can understand not wanting to go in the winter, but the tropical forest building is good year round. A lot of the animals can’t go out when it’s cold (>30 for wild dogs, >40 for kangaroos, > 65 for giraffes) and when there’s ice on the exhibits they don’t go out either.


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