Lost in Wool-land

I managed to lose my favorite hat. Again. Last year, I left my baby blue slouchy hat in a Red Robin. This year, I left the cream one on the MBTA, and I’m sure its fate will remain unlearned. I think I’m going to have to invent a way of attaching my hat to my coat, like a mitten string for little kids, because I do not want to lose the replacement hat I’m knitting.

When I realized my hat was missing, I decided to find myself a pattern and knit something up during the eternal stretch of winter break. Finding the yarn for the pattern was a bit of an adventure. I was going downtown to shop for new, lighter, warmer winter boots on Monday, so I decided to run into a yarn shop while I was in the area. I found an address online and checked to see that I could find it on the map, and when I had found my beautiful new boots, I confidently started off to find my yarn.

Windsor Button is on a street called Temple Place, and Temple Place is not a long street. You can stand in the middle and easily read the signs on both ends of the street. You would think I would have found the shop easily, but in fact, it took me three turns up and down the street before I realized that the sign was hidden behind a massive amount of scaffolding. One turn more, and the locals would have either thought I was clumsily casing the joint, or marking myself for a mugging.

Once I found my way into the scaffolding and determined that the ill-lit windows did not mean the store was closed, I found myself inside a store that quickly filled me with wonder and dismay. The wealth of lovely yarns was a marvel, but since they didn’t have the exact brand my pattern used, how could I figure out where to start looking for a comparable yarn?

I had thought to bring the weight specs on the specified yarn along, and after about twenty minutes of poking about (and probably looking like a shoplifter with my big shoulder bag and giant boots bag), I thought I had found a yarn that would do. Not quite certain, I asked the woman at the counter if she thought the yarn I had chosen would do as a substitute. She shook her head in dismay and started talking about acrylics and double knits and gauge so quickly that I was forced to correct her perception of me as a knowledgeable and experienced knitter.

She gave me a pitying look that suggested I might do better off spending my money on a pre-made hat, but she spoke more slowly and in simpler terms as she guided me to a bin full of yarns that, sadly, were twice as expensive as the one I had picked up and not available in the color I had hoped for. She left me to contemplate my options, and it took me another twenty minutes to find a single, bedraggled skein in the chocolate brown I thought would match my wool coat. The woman who had helped me obligingly disappeared into the storeroom to find me enough of the color when I decided that the more abundant and darker brown just wouldn’t do.

The problem with color memory is that mine sucks. I was wearing my thin black coat since it was a warm day, so I had nothing to compare the yarn color against. When I got home from my trip, I pulled out the yarn happily to compare it to my coat, only to find that my coat is the same color as the yarn I had turned up my nose at.

Somehow, I just can’t bring myself to go back in to make an exchange. The woman would probably ban me from knitting. Which might not be a bad thing, since I could buy a hat cheaper than that yarn. All the same, I think I will end up loving my just-off-enough-to-clash brown lace hat.

5 thoughts on “Lost in Wool-land

  1. I’m sure whatever the outcome it will be lovely. If not, you can always wear a bright scarf to detract from the clashing browns. :)


  2. Yarn
    All-in-all from a non-knitter who lives in the outlands, it sounds like a lovely adventure; finding a little, specialty shop in the middle of Boston. I’m sure that your new hat will be beautiful and you will look equally beautiful in your new accessories. Enjoy!!!
    Love you, Brenda


  3. Go return the yarn. I have your hat!!!! It was in the driveway and looked like cars had gone over it so I washed it. I hope it didn’t shrink, but I don’t think it did. I’ll stick it in an envelope and mail it, as it will be the fastest way to get it you. I’m sorry about the delay but I forgot about it


  4. I forgot to sing my name so you know who has it, Grammy
    Also you can get yarn at Michael ‘s Crafts, AC Moore Crafts and Joanne Fabric’s. They are probably cheaper than Windsor Button. By the way that is an old Boston store.


    1. Thanks for sending my hat back, Grammy! It came through, and it’s nice to have it clean :) I know I can get yarn at those places, but I haven’t found any of them that are particularly convenient to get to using the MBTA. Any suggestions?


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