Fudging Fudge

The snow is finally piling up for a white Christmas here in Allston. ‘Tis the season to be jolly and joyous, to sing Christmas carols, and watch Christmas movies, and hide Christmas presents, and who can forget it? To make Christmas fudge.

The only trouble with fudge, of course, is that it’s one of those things that I can never quite get to turn out just right. It will set, sure enough, but it’s always either weirdly grainy or something like a very thick chocolate bar. Tasty enough, but not as satisfying as biting into that creamy candy shop fudge that no one can ever get enough of.

Last year I found a cheater’s chocolate fudge recipe that works well enough—3 c. chocolate chips melted into 14 oz. of sweetened condensed milk, flavored with vanilla or whatever extract appeals to you . It’s pretty hard to mess up, and while it’s a little more hard than creamy, it does the job. One hint though: if you’re using rum-extracted vanilla from the Caribbean, less is more. Boozy candy, anyone?

This year I decided to try my hand at peanut butter fudge. I am no candy maker, but I thought if I used one of those recipes with the magic words “Never fail” in the title, I would be fine. These recipes invariably rely on the magic power of Fluff or marshmallow crème—another cheat code I’m happy to rely on. Here’s a question for you long-time fudge makers: When a recipe calls for 7 oz. of Fluff, does it mean 7/16 of a one pound container, or 7/40 of the same container which holds 40 fl. oz.? My uncertainty on this point didn’t spell disaster, per se, but let’s just say the result is more aptly named fluffernutter fudge than peanut butter fudge.

Bottom line: if anyone has awesome fudge recipes or handy tips, I’d love to hear your secrets!

2 thoughts on “Fudging Fudge

  1. Melissa,
    Your fudge is always delicious. And, isn’t it fun to make at Christmas…mmmm….mmmmm. I made a pan of fudge today…you may never see it though. I had bits and pieces of things left over…1/2 cup of sweetened con. milk, a few choc chips, a few peanut butter chips…a few marachino cherries….a few nuts…about a cup of fluff. I had heard about the recipe you mentioned with chips and con. milk; so thought, “Why not?”. Well the last I checked, it is a bit like the earley stages of taffy. I’ll see what happens to it over nite. No real loss…most of it would have been eventually thrown away anyhow.
    Can’t wait to see you. Brenda


  2. I made both PB fudge and chocolate fudge the other night. Chocolate was better than the peanut butter – which, as you note, came out too grainy. But, then, I really like peanut butter and sugar so….who cares? Candy making is a delicate science and I rarely have the patience or (rather my 5 year old rarely has the patience to allow me)the time to do it right!
    Happy Holidays and so glad your semester wrapped up well!


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