The Rejuvenating Effects of Free Donuts and Shiny New Tech on the Modern Hero

I have a vague sense of the demographic reading this lj, and it’s pretty broad, ranging from still an undergrad to retired for a while. Can I get a show of hands from my fans on who actually knows what they want to be when they grow up?

Perhaps its needless to say that John and I don’t. I have no excuses for this. I’m in a moderately expensive Master’s program for which we moved a couple hundred miles to a very tiny apartment. The decision to make that move should have implied an understanding of what I want to do with my life, but it doesn’t. Curriculum development? Teaching? Literacy specialist? Fantasy novelist? Wandering minstrel? I guess I just don’t know which will bring me the greatest joy for the least effort with the ability to retire early to a life of generous philanthropy, but who does?

John’s current uncertainty makes more sense, as he’s working a job primarily to support us while I’m in school, rather than for the sake of what he hopes to do in life. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the way he is supporting me while I’m educating myself for an uncertain future. Always amazed by my husband in general, I’ve been especially awed by his grace an humor as he handled this past and rather rocky week at his company. As background, the publishing company he works for hired him with the intent of promoting him from assistant to coordinator on a three-month time frame during which he was supposed to be trained. Tuesday night, I came home to find John looking exhausted and a bit frazzled.

Me: “How was work?”

John: “The guy who was supposed to train me quit with no warning, he can’t be contacted, and now I’ve got his job without any training at all.”

If this weren’t trouble enough, instead of coming in and taking on new projects as they crop up, he has to jump into the middle of on-going projects that are woefully behind schedule on a machine that is far too old for the graphic work it needs to handle. Things were looking bleak and frustrating.

On Wednesday, however, John came home looking decidedly more cheerful about the situation.

Me: “How was work?”

John: “Well, free donuts mysteriously appeared in the kitchen today.”

Me: “That’s good, I guess. If you’re not picky about where they came from.”

John: “Oh, and I found out that I’ll be getting a shiny new iMac before December!”

Were I in that situation, I probably would have come home whining about the frustrations of the less-than-awesome situation. John, however, focused on the positive and let it pick up his spirits. By Friday, he came home sounding much more confident in his ability to make things work. As for me, my conviction in John’s wonderful spirit was reinforced. I now also know that if his spirit has cause to flag, free donuts and shiny, new technology can ease the burden a little.

4 thoughts on “The Rejuvenating Effects of Free Donuts and Shiny New Tech on the Modern Hero

  1. Sources of joy
    You know, on a visceral level the donuts make perfect sense to me (is that an oxymoron?). Technology, however, generally fills me with distrust and frustration. It is good that my son and his wife always give me joy.


  2. Boy is he ever a cheap date… free donuts!!!! As to what you will be when you grow up? Keep your eyes and ears opened. Be receptive of new ideas. Look at this old lady.. I just learned how to send a tx message with a pic on my phone today plus I learned to play golf and bowl on Wii, also today. I guess I turned into a semi techy in my old age for my second career. Keep up the good work. Grammy


  3. Good for John for staying positive (sorry I’m commenting so behind schedule, I keep forgetting to go by facebook, which is where I’m reminded you’ve got a blog).
    As for knowing what you want to do… I know as solidly as anyone could, I suppose. In a way, I’m already doing it, which is weird and vaguely frightening. It’s hard to have dreams made reality, there’s some fear that it will all be taken away.


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