Comment Context

To everyone who reads and comments on my journal, thank you! It’s nice to know people are enjoying it.

I have one favor to beg. If you leave an anonymous comment that doesn’t give me any context as to who you are, would mind either signing or initialing it for me? I love knowing who’s having the interesting thoughts about what I’m writing.

On the off-chance that I don’t actually know you, could you sign it something like: "Chance Reader," or "Biggest Fan," or "Creepy Stalker"? Just so I, you know, know. What to prepare for…

3 thoughts on “Comment Context

    1. Re: Not a problem
      Ah! I wondered if it might be you. It was the sort of insightful-about-people thought that makes me think of you, but I wasn’t sure. I just like to know whose brain I’m admiring : )


  1. Mirrors
    Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? You that’s who :) Just had an interesting afternoon discussing the mirror question. It’s fun to have a granddaughter who is willing to share her Harvard education with the old folks. Grammy


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