“A Cultural Odyssey” or “Yup. We’re Hicks.”

John and I would like to consider ourselves a little to the left of center, and we try to show it with little things like driving less, shopping local, recycling, and all that good stuff. In this spirit, we set out to visit the local kosher butcher/market we had noticed on a walk towards Coolidge Corner. When we got there, walking in a slight drizzle, to find the place closed, we both started to laugh. It was Saturday. The Sabbath. Worse, as we were walking back towards the apartment, I realized that the only meat on my list was ham. Sigh.


Failing at our local endeavor, we decided to find a Market Basket. Grammy had tipped us off to the fact that they’re the cheapest chain around, better than Star or Stop & Shop. If you can’t buy local, you might as well buy cheap, right? Well, the closest market to us was in Somerville, in a place that would have required forty minutes on the bus, including a two block walk between bus routes. We weren’t really up for the waiting for the bus and walking in the rain at that point, so we decided to drive. Heh. The drive actually could have been worse, but the funny thing is that the traffic in the Market Basket, both in the parking lot and in the store, was so bad that it made driving in Cambridge look like a piece of cake. Market Basket did have the best prices I’ve seen yet around here, but everyone knows it. And everyone in the greater Boston area was trying to shop at this one, tiny store on a rainy Saturday afternoon.


Our first experience eating out, at least, was wonderful. Brenda and Tom stopped by to have lunch with us on the way back from a trip to visit Tom’s brother, and we went to a taqueria just up the street from us. That was the piece I had been missing to truly fall in love with Boston. Cheap, fresh, and incredibly delicious. Of course, the company gave the meal the added flavor of home, and it’s hard to beat that.


John and I are celebrating our first anniversary today (hard to believe!), and we’ve been looking at possible Indian restaurants we might check out. There are many of them, which makes it hard to pick. We were able to rule out one: the Tantric Bar & Grill. John’s comment: “I wonder if they almost bring your food to the table, then pull it back…”


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