On Scribd: Rose Cottage Slippers

John and I went up to Maine to visit our families for Easter this year and I received an abundance of inspiration. My feet always, always freeze to death when we visit his mother and step-father because they have this beautiful old farmhouse with lovely wood floors that, no matter how high the heat is, leech the warmth from my toes. I suffer from chronic cold feet condition (a) because I have the basso profundo of blood pressure and (b) because I never think to stick my slippers in the bag I actually carry around with me. Yes, I am the sort of nitwit who will let my toes get frostbite before I truck my lazy rump up the stairs to pull slippers out of my suitcase. Also, I don’t do socks unless the circumstances are dire.

Rummaging through a catalog of amusing gifts in my mother-in-law’s bathroom, I found a very cute pair of knit slippers that are meant to roll up and fit in a purse. My freezing feet immediately sent my brain a requisition for such an item, and my cheap brain replied, “I bet I can make a pair that will fit nicely in my shoulder bag.” The project turned out to be kismet. My sister-in-law gave John and I an Easter basket which included some super-soft multi-colored yarn that was just begging to be turned into slippers.

And so was born my quest to figure out how to make a slipper. Here is the result of my endeavor!

Rose Cottage Slippers (Click to download or print.)





7 thoughts on “On Scribd: Rose Cottage Slippers

  1. Melissa Walshe Post author

    Thanks! I was quite pleased with how well they hold a shape off the foot as well. Also, John’s photography skills help. : )

  2. Melissa Walshe Post author

    Thanks, Wendy! I’m trying to ramp up my pattern production, so keep an eye out for more.

  3. Brittany

    I don’t know why but the download button in the scribd iframe isn’t working. I’m using Firefox.

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